And away we go…

pepe_le_eggI avoided it for months, but I finally got my finger out and cobbled together a new web site (as you can probably see!). I once enjoyed doing this kind of thing but, as I’ve become less and less enchanted with digital technology (at least for it’s own sake), I’ve become increasingly distracted by just about anything else. So I had to drag myself by the hair and force myself to get it done (but kind of grudgingly enjoyed myself after all).

I’ll post new Eggmen strips here as I get them done. There’s a page where you can buy Eggmen-related stuff, should you be inclined, and an archive of stuff which will grow slowly over the next while.

In the meantime, all the old stuff can still be found at And for the last few months, I’ve been serialising the back catalogue on Instagram and Facebook.

Get in touch if you’ve any questions or anything to say. Thanks for your time and your interest.


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